Adding An Asphalt Driveway To Your Property

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Adding An Asphalt Driveway To Your Property

When homeowners are looking at their options for adding a paved driveway, asphalt can be one of the more appealing options. Becoming informed about asphalt driveways before you start this complex project can help you to make sound choices and plans.

Appreciate The Challenges Of Pouring Your Own Asphalt

Underestimating the difficulties that can come with pouring your own asphalt can lead many homeowners into trouble. In addition to the intense labor needed to prepare the ground for the asphalt, it is also necessary to keep the asphalt extremely hot while it is being poured. This will require specialized equipment that can be expensive to rent and difficult to use. Professional asphalt paving contractors can be both more affordable and convenient than attempting to pour your own asphalt driveway.

Provide A Shaded Area For Parking

During the summer, being exposed to the sun for long hours may cause the asphalt to soften. Parking on the asphalt for long periods of time when it has softened can cause pockets to form in its surface. Ensuring that you have a shaded area to park can minimize this risk as the shaded asphalt is unlikely to get hot enough to soften. If you do not have a shaded area to park, adding a carport can be an affordable way of helping to protect both your driveway and your car.

Carefully Consider Where The Driveway Will Be Placed

Placement of the driveway is another factor that may need to be carefully considered. Ideally, the ground should be relatively level. A paving contractor may be able to level uneven terrain, but this can increase the costs, time and disruptions caused by the paving project. Additionally, you should be mindful of the runoff from your property. Avoiding low areas and portions of the property that are prone to flooding can minimize the risk of the driveway suffering water or erosion damage.

Understand The Damages Traditional Deicing Chemicals Can Cause

Preventing your driveway from icing over is important for keeping it safe to use during the winter. Unfortunately, standard deicing chemicals can be highly damaging to paved surfaces due to their ability to make the surface of the pavement brittle and prone to cracking. If your community regularly experiences ice or snowfall, you may want to opt for a heated driveway. These driveways are outfitted with small heating elements that can warm the pavement enough to melt the ice that may form on it, which can allow you to avoid the use of damaging chemicals.

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