Having A Seal Coat Applied To Your Driveway

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Having A Seal Coat Applied To Your Driveway

Homeowners that fail to effectively care for their driveways can find themselves facing expensive repairs, noticeable damages, and other issues for their driveway. Seal coating can be an important part of driveway care, and having a basic understanding about this maintenance will help you to maximize the results your driveway enjoys from the seal coat.

Will Seal Coating Prevent The Driveway From Cracking?

Cracking is one of the most common problems for a driveway to experience, and homeowners must take steps to prevent this damage from occurring. A seal coat can help to reduce some types of cracking as it will stop moisture from getting to the interior of the asphalt. Considering that this type of wear is one of the leading causes of cracking, a seal coat may greatly extend the life of your home's driveway. However, a seal coat will be unable to provide protection against cracks that are caused by impacts to the asphalt or structural problems with it.

Can You Park On A Driveway That Has Recently Been Seal Coated?

Homeowners may be skeptical about having their driveway seal coated due to the assumption that they will be unable to use the driveway for days after this work is done. However, seal coat will typically be able to dry very rapidly. Depending on the humidity and temperatures, it may be possible for the seal coat to dry enough to be used after only a few hours. The full curing process can take months, but you will still be able to use the driveway during this process.

Should You Clean The Driveway Before Applying A Seal Coat To It?

Thoroughly cleaning the driveway is the first step in the seal coating process. Vehicle fluids, dirt, and other substances that may be on the driveway must be removed prior to the seal coating being applied. This is not particularly difficult or time-consuming as a simple pressure washing should be sufficient for removing these substances.

Can Leaves Cause Issues For The Seal Coat?

Under normal conditions, a few leaves falling on the seal coated driveway will not pose a serious problem. However, if your driveway is completely covered in leaves to the point where moisture is unable to evaporate, it can prematurely degrade the seal coat. Taking the time to remove these large amounts of leaves from your driveway can be necessary for balancing the need to care for your driveway with your desire to have numerous trees near the driveway.

For more information about asphalt seal coating, contact an asphalt contractor in your area. 

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