Tips To Get Your Asphalt Driveway Ready For Winter Weather

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Tips To Get Your Asphalt Driveway Ready For Winter Weather

As fall weather starts to arrive, there are are a lot of things that we need to get done outside before it is too cold. Getting your asphalt driveway ready for winter should be on that list. Pick a warm day to do the work, and once complete, the driveway will be good until spring.

Sweep Up The Dirt and Sand

Sweep the driveway off thoroughly to remove sand and other debris from the surface. A push broom works fine for this. Start at one edge and sweep across the driveway to the other side, sweeping all the debris off into the dirt along the edge of the pavement. A pressure washer will work as well if you own one, but it is not necessary if you don't own one.

Clean Up The Pavement

Clean up any spills on the driveway as soon as they happen but in the fall, take the time to wash the driveway down with mild soap and hot water. A large, stiff -bristled broom makes a good scrubber for the asphalt if you have one. Go over the entire driveway then rinse it off and let the driveway dry before going any further. 

Inspect The Asphalt for Cracks

Cracks in the asphalt should be filled with an asphalt sealer so water can not get through to the underside. Water that gets under the asphalt will damage the driveway and can freeze, causing the asphalt to heave or lift during the winter months. This action will crack the asphalt further, creating a bigger problem.

Seal The Entire Driveway

Once the driveway is ready, seal the entire surface of the driveway with a driveway sealer and allow it to dry for several days before you drive on it. The sealer will keep the driveway in good shape through the winter months. Sealing the driveway every year will help extend the life of the driveway and keeps it looking nice as well. 

Hire a Seal Coat Company

You can get all this work done for you if you don't have the time to put into it. There are asphalt companies and seal coat contractors that will come and take care of the work for you for a fee. Hiring it out means it will be done very quickly because the paving contractor will bring a crew and will want to finish the job and move to the next one as soon as they can. Follow the instructions about how long to stay off it and enjoy you winterized driveway. 

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