Three Signs You Need Parking Lot Repair

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Three Signs You Need Parking Lot Repair

Parking lots are subjected to a constant amount of stress since they have numerous vehicles sitting on them throughout the day and are also subjected to a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year. Parking lots that begin to fall apart can make your business less attractive to potential customers and can even open you up to a number of liabilities by increasing the risk of injuries and collisions occurring. Knowing some of the signs that point to a parking lot that has fallen into ill-repair can help you figure out when you should talk to a paving contractor about repairing your current parking lot surface.


Potholes can develop directly from networks of cracks that are allowed to either develop over time, which can occur when you do not have your parking lot regularly sealed and patched as it experiences wear and tear, or develop suddenly, like when there is a drainage issue in the soil underneath your parking lot. In either case, potholes can damage the underside of vehicles that are coming to your commercial property, and they also represent a personal injury risk since an unsuspecting worker or customer may accidentally catch their foot in one—which makes filling the potholes an essential repair task.

Pooling Water

Another clear indication that your parking lot surface is not functioning as intended is if you can spot areas where water continues to sit for an extended period of time after it rains or as snow melts. This can point to underlying structural damage that has disrupted the slope and drainage of your parking lot. Puddles and stagnant water on your asphalt parking lot can slowly eat away at the asphalt itself, making physical damage more likely over time. A paving contractor can regrade and repave the sunken area to eliminate the risk of this happening.


In severe cases of weather and water exposure, combined with heavy vehicle traffic, your parking lot can actually begin to crumble and fall apart. More often than not, this will start to occur at the edges of your parking lot but will slowly begin to make its way inwards, destroying driving lanes. Catching crumbling parking lots early is important because you can likely save the entire paved surface by touching up the edges of the parking lot, but once the middle parts have begun to fall apart, you'll likely need to repave and repaint the lines over the entire surface, which is much more complicated and expensive to complete.

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