Tips for Covering a Concrete Floor with Asphalt

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Tips for Covering a Concrete Floor with Asphalt

If you already have a concrete floor or driveway, you may be considering a switch to asphalt. Therefore, you may be wondering if this is even possible and how it can be done. Many people don't realize it, but many of the roads that we drive over each day consist of concrete with asphalt paved over it.

As a base material, concrete has just the right qualities to allow for asphalt to be paved over it. How can you ensure that you achieve the best results when you do this?

Ensure the Base Has a Uniform Thickness

In all paving works, one of the most important factors is usually having a base that is well prepared and able to hold the weight of the pavement above it. In this case, the pavement will be the asphalt overlay. For the best results, you'll want to ensure that the concrete base has a constant thickness. This will prevent uneven loading of the pavement, which can lead to cracking.

Clean the Concrete

Adhesion between the concrete and asphalt layer will play an important role in determining the durability of the floor. One of the factors that affect this durability is the presence of impurities between the two layers. Impurities, in this case, can be anything from dirt and dust to oil films and debris. Clean the concrete surface thoroughly to help with the adhesion.

Use a Strong Adhesive

Another thing that you should consider when you want better bonding between the layers is the type of adhesive to use. A strong adhesive is going to be necessary for ensuring that there's good bonding of the asphalt to the concrete.

Grind or Mill the Concrete Surface

A smooth concrete surface isn't well suited for adhesion with the asphalt. A rough surface will offer better results. If the surface of the concrete floor is relatively smooth in some areas, you should have it milled or ground up. There are machines that can be used to get good results.

Use Paving Fabric

One of the main issues that affect this type of installation is reflective cracking. This is a type of cracking that occurs in asphalt when it is laid over an existing joint or crack. One of the ways that this can be reduced is by using paving fabrics. This fabric reduces water penetration, and this can prevent further weakening of the base. This type of fabric should be installed by a professional asphalt contractor.

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