Looking To Have An Asphalt Driveway Installed? 3 Important Questions To Ask An Asphalt Paving Company

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Looking To Have An Asphalt Driveway Installed? 3 Important Questions To Ask An Asphalt Paving Company

If you are looking to have an asphalt driveway installed on your property, you are likely looking to hire asphalt paving experts to help lay the asphalt surface. There are many companies out there that offer asphalt services, which can make it challenging to hone in on the one that is ideal for your project. Asking the right questions can help you with this task. Here are three important questions to ask an asphalt paving company you are considering hiring. 

1. Do You Only Offer Asphalt Services?

One of the first questions that you should ask a paving company is whether they only offer asphalt services, or if they offer other services. If you are having an asphalt driveway laid, you may also need sidewalk work done that connects your driveway to your front door area. Most sidewalks are made from concrete or pavers. Finding a contractor that offers both asphalt and concrete or paver services can help you to get your entire project completed without having to hire multiple companies to do the work. 

2. Do You Warranty Your Work?

Another important question to ask as you look to hire asphalt paving experts is whether they warranty their work or not. No matter how great a paving company is, problems can develop with the asphalt surface quickly simply due to the ground shifting or the asphalt not curing properly. A great company will stand behind their work and come out to repair cracks or holes that emerge because of these issues. Always ask if a company offers a warranty, what is included with the warranty and how long the warranty lasts. 

3. Do You Have References I Can Talk To?

The last question that you want to ask when you are looking to hire an asphalt paving company is whether they have references that you can speak to. Ideally, you want to talk to people who have had work done recently, as well as one or two people who have had work done one to two years ago. As you speak to references, ask them if the employees showed up on time, if they were easy to work with, if the company stuck to their quote and if they were happy with the work. Talking to newer customers allows you to ensure the employees currently working are reliable and friendly. Talking to older customers helps you to see if their work holds up over time. 

Taking the time to ask an asphalt expert these three questions will help you to find the asphalt paving expert who is best suited for your job. This can help you to ensure you get the services you need and that the paving company is performing quality work. 

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