Adding an Asphalt Driveway to Your New Cold-Weather Home

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Adding an Asphalt Driveway to Your New Cold-Weather Home

Living in a warm-weather environment can be a fun and comfortable way to live. However, many people move to cold-weather states to find jobs or to retire. If you are moving to a state that is colder than you are used to and plan on building a home, an asphalt driveway is a smart choice.

Are You Building a New Home (and Driveway)?

You are on the fence about whether you want to build a new home or simply buy an existing one. There are many benefits to building a home versus buying. For example, you can create the exact house that you want and choose the building materials that you want.

Unfortunately, you may be unused to or uncertain of the demands that living in a cold-weather environment put on a home. One of the biggest mistakes you might make is installing a concrete driveway simply because it's cheaper. That is a mistake that could cost you serious money later in your home's life.

Cold Weather May Affect Your Concrete

When moving to a cold-weather area from a warm one, there are many challenges you might not anticipate. For example, you might build a concrete driveway because it is cheaper than an asphalt one would be. Or maybe your new home already has a concrete driveway. Unfortunately, this is a mistake, because cold weather can severely affect a concrete driveway.

For example, freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and more can damage the surface of concrete and cause it to either expand or contract. When this happens, severe cracks can spread through its surface and get worse as your home ages. Therefore, asphalt is probably your best choice for a driveway in a new home.

Asphalt Isn't as Affected by Cold

People who are new to cold-weather environments should install asphalt driveways at their new home. Asphalt simply doesn't react to cold weather in the same way as concrete, which makes it stronger and more resistant to damage. Even better, asphalt is resistant to other types of weathering as well, such as rain and wind damage. Adding a sealant to the surface of the driveway will only increase its strength and help it last for even more years after its initial installation.

So if you are moving to a new cold-weather environment and you want to ensure that your driveway is strong, consider getting an asphalt one installed. This step can protect you from having to repair your driveway for years after installation. Contact a business that provides asphalt paving services like Lien Transportation Co for more information.

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