Three Types Of Asphalt Repairs

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Three Types Of Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt, more commonly known as blacktop, is made up of bitumen and multiple mineral elements. It is used for parking lots and roads. Asphalt is widely used due to its sturdiness and ability to take lots of wear and tear before it shows signs of needing repairs.

However, over time it will start to need maintenance in order to keep its smooth, strong surface. There are many types of reasons why it will weaken, but it is usually severe weather, daily elements, frequency of traffic on it, and age. When your asphalt does need repairs, there are several methods that are used. This guide goes over some of those methods


Resurfacing is just as the name suggests. It is usually done to prolong the life expectancy of an asphalt road. Before you do it, you need to make sure that the entire road is clear of debris like leaves or grass. Otherwise, it won't be a smooth finish and you will have to redo it. A tack coat must be applied to the road that you are resurfacing. Once it is finished, it should be at least 1 ½ inches thick. This repair method is a great way to freshen up a road that doesn't have severe issues.


Patching is a popular method for potholes or depressions in the asphalt. Each spot should be completely dry and cleared out before you can do patchwork on it. Asphalt emulsion is applied to the entire depression first. Once that is done, hot asphalt is poured into the pothole and then properly smoothed so it is as flat as the road. Once that is done, a sealant is placed over the asphalt to protect it from further damage.


Cracks are a huge problem with blacktop. If they get wide or deep enough, they need to be filled. Just like the other types of repair, the cracks need to be as clean and dry as possible before you can work on them. When the crack is filled, the asphalt should be at least a few inches over the top. This creates a barrier against the elements and prevents it from cracking more.


Sometimes you will have to simply remove the asphalt altogether. Badly damaged blacktop will cost too much to repair. A complete replacement can be more cost effective in the end. The removal needs to be handled carefully and layer by layer in order to keep the surface even as you do it.

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