3 Reasons To Remove Concrete Before Paving Your Driveway

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3 Reasons To Remove Concrete Before Paving Your Driveway

A new driveway can improve accessibility and boost your home's curb appeal. Many homeowners want an asphalt driveway. Asphalt is an affordable and durable material that can stand up to repeated use.

If you have a concrete driveway in place on your property, you may be thinking of simply adding a layer of asphalt over the top. An asphalt overlay is an option, but it's not the best option for laying an asphalt driveway.

You will achieve better results when you remove the existing concrete instead.

1. Lay the Proper Base

One of the most compelling reasons to remove concrete before you begin installing an asphalt driveway is the difference in base materials used with each of these paved surfaces.

Concrete is often laid without a base material. Strength and stability are the only concerns with a concrete driveway. Contractors will just pour a thick slab directly on top of a graded area when creating a concrete driveway.

Asphalt must have a proper base in order to prevent serious problems over time. Gravel and sand are typically used beneath the asphalt. These materials are porous and allow water to drain away from the surface of the asphalt properly. Without the right base, your asphalt driveway will be prone to failure.

2. Recycle Old Materials

Recycling is at the forefront of many homeowners' minds. Removing your old concrete driveway in preparation for a new asphalt one can create a recycling opportunity.

Many paving companies have the ability to recycle old concrete and use the materials in new asphalt and base applications.

This recycling process reduces the cost of asphalt applications in the future, and it can reduce the volume of resources needed to meet paving needs.

3. Extend the Driveway's Lifespan

Investing in an asphalt driveway can be costly. You want to ensure that your asphalt is going to look great and maintain its structural stability for as long as possible. In order to extend the lifespan of your asphalt driveway, you will need to remove old concrete before laying an asphalt surface.

Expansion joints in the concrete can cause cracks in the asphalt over time. You may also notice sagging in your asphalt surface as the concrete beneath deteriorates.

Investing in the removal of old concrete before laying a new asphalt driveway may cost a little more at first, but it can significantly reduce maintenance costs by extending the life of your driveway.

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