Five Benefits Of Rubber Pool Decks

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Five Benefits Of Rubber Pool Decks

Rubber pool decks are quickly replacing the vinyl and concrete options of the past. Generally, these decks consist of a thick rubberized coating that is applied over the concrete foundation that surrounds your pool. They offer many benefits that makes the investment in rubber a good idea.

1. Increased Safety

Rubber pool decks are safer than the alternatives in many regards. The surface naturally grips, so slipping is much less of a hazard. Although textured for good grip, rubber is also gentler on bare feet compared to textured concrete decks. Further, the rubber has some give and provides a bit of shock absorbance, which can help prevent or at least minimize an injury if someone were to fall.

2. Easy Maintenance

Rubber requires virtually no maintenance. Concrete decks must be deep cleaned, which includes scrubbing, to prevent stains and mildew. Cracks are also common. A rubber deck simply needs to be rinsed off occasionally to remove any surface residue. Since it doesn't absorb soil, stains are a rare occurrence and not a real concern. Rubber is also naturally resistant to mildew and mold growth, so that is also one less worry.

3. Customizable Options

Although most decking material can be customized, it's exceptionally simple with rubber. It is available in every color imaginable. It can also be textured in a variety of ways, so it can resemble everything from natural stone to formal brickwork. You can even combine colors and textures for a truly unique appearance. Even better, the colors will not fade over time as they can with concrete and other decking materials. Nor do you have to worry about cracks or repairs damaging the appearance of the deck.

4. Seasonal Durability

One issue with concrete decking is that it is more prone to seasonal damage. Temperature fluctuations during wet weather can lead to cracks as water on the deck expands and contracts. Ice removal tactics, including both chemical ice removers and snow shovel blades, can damage the surface or cause pitting. With rubber, none of this is a concern. The elasticity of the rubber makes it immune to temperature-caused cracking. The surface is also durable enough to withstand ice removal.

5. Quick Repairs

Although damage is rare on a rubber pool deck, it can happen. The most common types of damage are gouges or chips in the surface, typically caused by dragging something sharp over the surface. These can quickly be filled in and repaired with a matching rubber. If, for some reason, the damage is extensive, then a new coat of rubber can be applied over the old.

Contact a rubber pool deck installation and repair service for more help.

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