Tips For Asphalt Repair And Maintenance Treatments

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Tips For Asphalt Repair And Maintenance Treatments

Asphalt pavement installed on your property is a great improvement for your property and home value, but only when you take care of it and stay up on making needed repairs. During seasonal changes, the weather is going to wear away your pavement, and it can cause cracks, which will need to be repaired. Use the following information to help you keep up the condition of your asphalt pavement for an optimal surface.

Inspect For Crack Damage

As a responsible homeowner and pavement caretaker, you will need to be diligent to watch for signs of damage to your asphalt. These will usually start in the form of cracks to the surface of your asphalt that will grow in size to go through the entire thickness of your pavement. It is a good idea to plan for repairs each year, to repair cracks before they grow into more extensive damage. 

Watch For Seasonal Movement

When you have discovered cracking damage to your asphalt, the best way to complete the repairs is in the right environment. And this depends on the condition of the foundation and the soil below your asphalt pavement. The soil below your asphalt can expand and contract quite a bit through the seasons, mostly in the winter, when moisture in the soil freezes and expands. You don't want to complete any patch repairs to your asphalt in the winter because the repair will move and shift when the soil settles back into place in the warmer months.

For the best results, complete your repairs during the spring and the fall when the pavement is at a midpoint of its natural movement between summer and winter. This also allows for more mild weather for completing the repairs. Just watch out for wet weather conditions so you can work around them.

Complete Crack Preparation

Before you can repair the cracks, you will need to clean them out to fully remove any debris and particles that may be sitting down within the crack. Dirt and debris need to be cleaned out because they will absorb moisture to expand and cause further widening of a crack. So, use a pressure washer, garden hose, or air compressor to flush or blow out the debris. You may also need to use a crack router to clean up the edges of the crack to make them more even, which will help the crack filler adhere more fully to the damage. Consult with your asphalt repair professional for the right type of services to correct your asphalt crack damage and complete crack sealing.

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