What Are The Advantages Of Asphalt Overlay Road Repairs?

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What Are The Advantages Of Asphalt Overlay Road Repairs?

If you are responsible for an asphalt road that isn't in good shape, then you might be thinking about replacing the surface. However, a full replacement isn't your only option here. You might be able to use an overlay repair instead.

What is an asphalt overlay? Why should you consider taking this route?

What Is an Asphalt Overlay?

Overlay solutions help repair asphalt surfaces. They are typically used on roads or paving where the asphalt is generally in good structural shape but has some surface problems.

For example, the asphalt might simply have faded and lost its cosmetic appeal. It might be worn after years of use, or it might have minor damage such as potholes or cracks.

When you install an overlay, you typically remove the top layer of the asphalt. This removes damaged asphalt, levels out the surface, and creates a suitable bond for the new installation.

Depending on the condition of the overall build, you might install fabric sheeting on the surface if it needs extra reinforcement or leveling. You then pour a new thin layer of asphalt on the surface to rebuild it.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Overlays?

An asphalt overlay can restore a worn and faded asphalt surface quickly and effectively. The overlay makes the surface look new; it restores its strength and structural integrity, and fixes areas of minor wear and damage.

While a complete resurface does all these things too, full resurfacing is a bigger and more expensive job. If you have to tear up your current asphalt, restore its foundations, and then recreate the surface from scratch again, your costs will increase.

As well as material and equipment costs, you'll have to pay increased labor costs. You need a large crew to work on full resurfacing jobs, especially if you need a fast solution.

For example, if you are fixing a road, you might need to close parts of the road as you work. You need this job to be completed as fast as possible to avoid too much disruption. Your crew might be large, and you might have to pay overtime to complete the job quickly.

An overlay takes less time. Your labor costs shouldn't be as high. Plus, you'll need less equipment and fewer materials for this kind of basic resurfacing job, so you'll save on these costs too.

To find out if an overlay will work on your asphalt surface, contact resurfacing contractors.

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