Six Things You Must Do When Installing A Pool Deck

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Six Things You Must Do When Installing A Pool Deck

If you will be adding a swimming pool to your property, the pool deck will become a very important part of your yard. The pool will take up a lot of space and will affect how beautiful your property will look and how functional your pool will be. Here are some mistakes you'll need to avoid when designing your pool deck

1. Install Enough Shading 

Make sure that your pool deck has enough seating available. You'll need to include enough places to sit so that your guests are entertained and you must also provide enough chairs that are accessible. 

2. Make Sure There is Enough Shade

Your pool deck should always be designed with shade in mind. You're more likely to use a pool on a sunny day. However, you can also get really hot when spending too much time out in the sun unless you have a nice shaded area where you can cool off. The shaded area of your swimming pool is where you and your guests are most likely to gather around. 

At the same time, you will still want to get a lot of sun by orienting the pool itself toward the sun. Ideally, the pool deck should be in the northeast or northwest corner of your property.

3. Think About How Your Deck Fits Into the Surrounding Area

Think about the area surrounding your pool deck and whether the deck will fit in well with the surrounding area. You'll be using the outside area of your home to hold BBQs, garden, or simply as a place to congregate. It's important to consider the big picture and how your pool deck fits into it.

4. Choose the Right Materials 

The pool deck material has a huge impact on how your swimming pool looks. It's especially important for swimming pool deck materials to not absorb heat easily so you won't burn your feet when walking on the pool deck. A swimming pool is also a place where people play and the material needs to be very durable.

5. Carefully Position Your Deck

The location of the pool and the pool deck are important. You do not want the pool to be too far away from your home, but also not too close. When the pool is too close, you'll have more wet floors inside as people walk in and out of your home.

6. Install an Extended Second Step

This is a feature commonly added to account for how the steps used to enter and exit a pool are often used as a place to sit. An extended second step is meant for both sitting and getting in and out of the pool and is much more convenient. 

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