Have An Asphalt Pavement? Consider These Treatments To Maintain The Surface

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Have An Asphalt Pavement? Consider These Treatments To Maintain The Surface

Most property owners today are choosing to invest in asphalt pavements. After all, it's cost-effective, smooth, recyclable, durable, and easy to install. More so, whether you use asphalt on the parking, driveway, or path, you should consider it a valuable investment. As such, you will need to protect the surface through regular maintenance. Below are expert asphalt surface preservation solutions you must consider.

Prioritize Routine Maintenance

Since the asphalt surface is exposed to elements throughout its life, it's crucial to keep it clean to reduce wear. Note that substances like oil, fuel, and debris can create stains if they aren't cleaned regularly. Further, when oil or fuel seeps into the paving material, it will cause damage like potholes. Excessive amounts of gravel or rocks also damage the material if a car presses them against the surface. So, ensure you sweep this surface regularly to eliminate these elements. Also, oil or fuel spills should be removed right away with a hard brush and soapy water. 

Seal All Cracks

Over time, you may notice cracks on the asphalt surface, a phenomenon that will occur with use and age. That said, the cracks will only grow bigger if they aren't fixed promptly using a crack sealer. More importantly, crack sealing is best left to the paving experts, especially if they have spread extensively. Furthermore, an asphalt paving expert will tell you that it is better to perform the task after the cold months to ensure the best outcome.

Conduct Seal Coating

Another effective way to maintain an asphalt surface's appearance and functionality is to conduct seal coating. That said, most people don't coat their surfaces often, which causes fading as well as premature wear. Hence, it's advisable to apply a coat after a few years of pavement use. Ultimately, this will increase the lifespan of the asphalt surface, restore the original black color, ensure water doesn't seep into the surface and cause cracks, and protect the pavement from UV rays.

Install Overlays

This asphalt pavement treatment solution entails installing a few inches of asphalt over the deteriorating old layer. Say the surface has many cracks and potholes, or it is uneven. In such a case, a properly installed overlay will extend the surface's lifespan and won't cost as much. That said, the extra years you'll get after overlaying will depend mainly on the age of the existing base.

Go For Slurry Sealing

This is a form of seal coating that safeguards the paved surface. Unlike seal coating, this technique uses an asphalt emulsion and aggregates and is suitable for a surface with severe wear caused by high traffic. Ultimately, the seal will restore your pavement and leave you with an attractive even surface.

Considering these asphalt maintenance solutions will keep the pavement in good shape. Remember that the condition of the surface will determine the option you choose, so consult an asphalt paving service in your area such as Cornerstone Paving to learn more.

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