Mistakes To Avoid With Your Business's New Parking Lot

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Mistakes To Avoid With Your Business's New Parking Lot

Parking lots are essential for most businesses because they provide a convenient space for customers and employees to park their vehicles. However, constructing a parking lot can be complex, with many potential pitfalls that can lead to issues.

Mistake: Ineffective Line Painting

A parking lot benefits from traffic lines and markings that guide drivers to their parking spots. These markings can keep the parking lot safe and traffic flowing smoothly. Ineffective line painting can lead to confusion for drivers. This can quickly lead to accidents between both cars and pedestrians. Inconsistent spacing between the lines can lead to uneven parking and wasted space. Using stencils or other templates can help ensure consistent line spacing. A professional line marking company may make it easy to ensure this work is done correctly.

Mistake: Pouring The Parking Lot Asphalt Too Thin

A common mistake during parking lot construction is to pour the asphalt too thin. Parking lots must withstand the weight of numerous vehicles and trucks. If the asphalt is too thin, it will quickly deteriorate and crack in response to this weight. This can lead to costly repairs and the need for frequent repaving. A parking lot contractor can assist you with evaluating the minimum thickness your parking lot will need.

Mistake: Building A Parking Lot With Poor Drainage

Poor drainage is an issue that can lead to substantial repair costs in the future. When a parking lot has poor drainage, rainwater can pool on the surface, making it inaccessible and dangerous. Additionally, the pooling liquid can cause the asphalt to deteriorate more quickly. Ensuring the parking lot has adequate drainage systems is the most effective option for preventing this problem. Storm drains and gutters can channel this water away from the parking lot before it accumulates. To keep water flowing, you must keep these features clear of leaves and other debris.

Mistake: Ignoring the Importance of Proper Maintenance

Even the best-designed parking lots will deteriorate without regular maintenance and repairs. This can lead to safety hazards, wasted space, and costly repairs. Avoiding these issues requires establishing an effective and regular maintenance schedule for the parking lot. Sealing the parking lot and repairing cracks that form are the two most important steps for keeping it in good condition. After you have a new parking lot constructed, creating a schedule for inspecting it to look for damage and applying a sealcoat can keep it in good condition for years.

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