Resurfacing: The Ultimate Asphalt Paving Service For These Critical Issues

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Resurfacing: The Ultimate Asphalt Paving Service For These Critical Issues

A new parking lot may not fit all commercial property owners' budgets. In some cases, a parking lot may have damage that can be repaired to extend its lifespan. A parking lot that is damaged and has a faded appearance could have negative impacts. If a property owner is not prepared to get a new lot, resurfacing could improve the appearance and protect against further damage. It is one of the best ways to extend the lifespan of paving. The following points highlight a few things that a resurfacing project could improve. 

Divots and Dents

This phenomenon is caused by heavy vehicles or heavy traffic. These imperfections occur due to the pressure from vehicles. Asphalt is a sturdy paving material, but it is also susceptible to excess weight and pressure. Divots and dents are commonly located in areas such as loading docks because of the weight of the trucks parked for shipping and receiving. Resurfacing repairs these imperfections by making the affected areas appear smooth again.


Timely crack repairs are essential even if a resurfacing project is not underway. If cracks do not get filled, there is a high probability that they will expand. Larger cracks are a more complex issue, and too many of them will make it necessary to get a new lot. Resurfacing asphalt paving fills cracks, which stops the damage. It also results in a smooth finish, which makes a parking lot look newer.

Faded Appearance

The older a parking lot gets, the more faded it will appear. The faded appearance can be attributed to the sun's UV rays. Routine seal coating is an option to revive the appearance of some lots. However, it is not a good match for all situations. Resurfacing is a better option for lots that have physical damage and are aged. The asphalt will have a newer and smoother finish after the resurfacing. 

Faded Stripes

It is critical that parking lots have visible striping. This promotes safety because there will be clear markings for pedestrian walkways, designated fire truck parking, and parking spots. Visible parking spaces maximize parking. It also ensures that drivers park uniformly instead of awkwardly. Another critical reason that visible striping is important is to clearly mark handicapped spaces and ensure compliance.

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about resurfacing. They can inspect your parking lot to determine if it is in decent condition for resurfacing or whether it needs to be replaced. 

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